Carciphona is a fantasy manga, written, drawn, and self-published by Shilin. Currently at volume 6, updates are posted once a week on Mondays with 2 pages.

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» Update: Carciphona book 6: pages 111-112

» Sun, Feb 25 2018 15:24:00 EST

Pages 111-112 are up! The face that is made when someone has to catch up on one volume of plot in 2 pages. Or when you close your eyes for two seconds and the kids have managed to set everything on... full text »

where heaven and earth once touched

Carciphona, a disease that engulfs physical form and rends ethereal soul. Incurable in nature, it spreads across the realms of Maelstrom like a wild beast, insatiable in its thirst for lifesblood. Said to be the remnants of demon spirits summoned by sorcerors, Carciphona is a blighted stain left upon the land by the transgressions of mortal magicians. The only treatment for those born marked is a quick death, and those not granted mercy are destined to live a short, painful lives. Regarded as the cause of these great misfortunes, common/Demon magic is now banned under the Prohibition, a joint action supported by the kingdoms of Maelstrom to stamp out the use of magic of such nature. Public opinion is judge and jury, and those who wield demon magic have been driven from their homelands or worse.

Touched by this curse and gifted with unparalleled magical prowess, Veloce begins her journey across Maelstrom. However, she does not seek a cure. She yearns only to find her way back home; her one wish is to be reunited with her previously faithful retainer. Her journey is a long one, and behind her trails an assassin who seems determined on steering the fracturing peace into the maelstrom.

In an otherwise still world, Carciphona sings a call to chaos, reshaping age-old truths.

Carciphona, 2010 - present


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Magic blessed the world with impossible power, but it also cursed the world with Carciphonas: humans whose souls are infected by Demon spirits. Four years after the Prohibition of magic is established, a sorceress still lives hidden away, giving up her freedom in exchange for peace. However, Veloce soon finds herself the target of an assassin intent on shattering the fragile peace.


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After defying the king, an ailing Veloce and company flee from Kronzel. Refuge is close by in the neighboring country of Arenscura; Keritzel and Weirin's resources promise a smooth escape as well. However, the forces of the Kronzel, the assassin Blackbird, and the mysterious spiritual illness that plagues Veloce give chase as the trio attempts to make their escape.


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Veloce, Weirin, and Keritzel arrive at Arenscura seeking refuge, only to find the city entangled in its own troubles. Allegiances are tested when it is discovered that Meron consorts with the criminal Enfelid tribe warring against Arenscura. Amidst the conflict, they discover the true depth of the crisis before them: knots, bonds and grudges rooted deeply in time.


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Trapped and separated in the Rift, Meron and her group are shocked at what has become of the Enfelids' Book of Elements. Bitter denial overwhelms the Enfelid Chief, and Meron must choose between family and service. Meanwhile, Veloce's confrontation with Blackbird leads to unforseen consequences.


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Veloce rushes to Medrisen with an eagerness that perplexes Keritzel and Weirin. With crucial information about Vocruen's whereabouts in hand, she hopes to find him at he Holy Spirit Celebrations. Once there, they realize they are not the only ones in search of someone precious. In their path they find a mythical being: an Immortal.


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Our intrepid adventurers continue on their journey to find and consume the most delicious of noodles.