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Five years ago, an assassin suddenly emerged in the world of Maelstrom. She was said to be a prodigious weapon master, but what shocked the world was her ability to negate magic cast by even the most powerful sorcerers. She was called Blackbird. No one knew her motives, and in one short year, her slaughter of prestigious individuals around the world plunged society into chaos. In fear and desperation, people blamed the practice of magic for the creation of such a monster, and their voices were answered by the establishment of the Prohibition. Common magic, something that had been part of Maelstrom’s daily life for centuries, became a forbidden art. Lives changed, families ruptured, but to the world’s relief, the assassin had since then vanished from the world.

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Volume 1 Available in print!
November 19 2006 ~ April 17 2010
Volume 2 Available in print!
April 17 2010 ~ November 14 2011
Volume 3 Available in print!
February 1 2012 ~ October 1 2012
Chapter 7: Old Knots part 2
Chapter 8: Old Knots part 3
Chapter 9: Old Knots part 4
Volume 4 Available in print!
February 1 2012 ~ October 1 2012
Chapter 10: Old Knots part 5
Chapter 11: Old Knots part 6
Chapter 12: Old Knots part 7
Volume 5
June 2014 ~ present

{ Old version }

Old Version: The original version of Carciphona was titled "Blackbird" up until the printing of the first volume of the new version. It was drawn from 2005 to the end of 2006, during which 5 chapters were produced. At the end of chapter 5, I decided to restart because it was the cool thing to do I really disliked the old art, and the storytelling back then leaned more towards a gag manga which doesn't suit the story anymore. After I took down the old version for good, I've been asked numerous times over the years to repost them. Normally I would not do this because I really would rather not live with bad old work in my face all the time and knowing a lot of people out there have ready access to it, but I'll leave this atrocity here in case it inspires anyone to realize that everybody go through incompetence and tough times before they get anywhere, and that good manga/art/story don't magically appear. I hope this will make you think "Wow! This used to be straight garbage and it took her so many years to be a better artist, I can do this too!"