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Carciphona book 6: pages 43-44
Posted on: Sun,May 21 2017 16:34:00 EST

Pages 43-44 are up! Weirin is glad to be out the frying pan :') and HALLELUJAH I'm done drawing that big fancy room for a long while too!!! as much as I love drawing ornate buildings, it sure gets in the way of pages getting completed so I'm glad for this to pass for now.

IN CONVENTION NEWS I'll be at Anime North this weekend in the Dealer's Room! I only have 2 new posters this year as both book 6 and any new art book is taking a while to be put together, but please come by and say hi if anyone from Toronto (or anywhere else) are going! I will have my usual 11x17" print selection and all 7 of my published books available, as well as Carciphona charms and necklaces :D

Carciphona book 6: pages 41-42
Posted on: Sun,May 14 2017 22:00:00 EST

Pages 41-42 are up! I am so glad I don't have to draw the archbishop outfit anymore :D I planned for it to only show for 3 or 4 pages but some changes in story force me to draw the outfit in like 20 more pages worth of panels LOL. Archbishop is carciphona's first magical boy complete with transformation and special weapon/attack moves XD

Carciphona book 6: pages 39-40
Posted on: Mon,May 8 2017 23:03:00 EST

Pages 39-40 are up! Mr head chancellor has high standards and even higher blood pressure

Carciphona book 6: pages 37-38
Posted on: Mon,May 1 2017 20:30:00 EST

Pages 37-38 are now toned! I'm back from Germany :D So happy to see some of you there and really grateful for all the support Carciphona gets from kind readers, I can't thank you enough to make it possible for me to keep telling this story ;_; Thank you for waiting and hope you enjoy these guys yelling at each other :'D

Carciphona book 6: pages 37-38
Posted on: Tues,April 18 2017 02:54:00 EST

Pages 37-38 are up! I was hoping to finish these pages this weekend but I am defeated ): only lines are done for now and that took me ages and I need to spend the next few days preparing for my trip to Animuc. The toned pages will be posted after I come back, which is the weekend of April 29!

I won't be able to update next week because I'll be going to my first overseas convention this weekend in Germany, called Animuc! It's a convention near Munich and I have the privilege to be invited there as a guest :D I will be at a booth with my Germany publisher PYRAMOND on all 3 days, and on Saturday morning at 11am, I will be holding a workshop about creating manga/comics, from writing to publishing! Hope to see you there if you are attending this weekend :D

Those who live nearby and are interested to go can find more information about the convention at

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