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Carciphona book 6: pages 3-4 + holiday sale!
Posted on: Sun,Nov 20 2016 15:08:00 EST

Pages 3-4 are up! I've also resized the page with smoothing instead of sharpening to better fit colour pages, so they should look better now :D Colouring is going well, so another 2 colour pages will be coming next week! It'd be cool if I could ride this wave and colour the whole book haha, too bad too many practicality issues stand in my way ;_;

In other news, my store is having a holiday sale until December 16! $10 off book bundles, 20% off 24x36 posters, and handwritten notes available for gift-tagging or as a treat for yourself! SHOP.SHILIN.NET

Carciphona book 6: pages 1-2! + new website layout!
Posted on: Sun,Nov 13 2016 15:55:00 EST

I'm super happy to announce that Carciphona updates will resume starting today with book 6 pages 1-2! Writing and storyboarding took longer than I wanted it to, so I can't wait to get back to updating again!! I've painted the pages in full colour since it's the start of a new volume, and so many important characters all happen to be at the same place :D I will paint the next few pages like this up until page 6 or 8, then go back to my normal black and white toning.

The comic website also received a makeover!! Over the past few months, the amazing Shinbu Designs helped turn the layout I've drafted into reality!! The website is now mobile friendly and mostly functional, and I've updated some content pages so their information is no longer outdated, but haven't had the time to go over the entire site yet. I've been working on a world map for a long time now, but because it's not crucial information, it remains unfinished too ;_;

The script for the manga reader also got completely redone, now the webpage won't reload when flipping manga pages, so it's super easy to use the left/right arrow keyboard shortcuts to flip pass tons of pages :D but most importantly the comic is actually readable now on mobile!! The reader will only display one page at a time, and you can swipe left/swipe right to read the comic! I never would've thought this would be possible for my site LMAO I'm so happy about it ;_;

Thank you so much for continuing to read Carciphona, both the story and its readers are very important to me, and I hope you'll enjoy the coming volume as much as I'll love drawing it!! See you next Monday!

Character Q/A number 8!
Posted on: Tues,Sep 27 2016 15:55:00 EST

More Q&A!! Storyboard progress for book 6 is currently 66 pages out of about 200, although the scenes are taking less than the estimated amount of pages so far so it might not end up being that long after all! or I'll expend all the pages I saved on later fight scenes instead and it still ends up that long, we'll see :D More questions are welcomed and keep an eye on this page for the imminent start of book 6!

Character Q/A number 7!
Posted on: Mon,Sep 12 2016 22:33:00 EST

Q&A returns :D I'm juggling storyboarding with some last minute freelance work, but things are looking hopeful that I would be able to make major progress on it soon! For now enjoy some nonsense ^0^

More colour sketches + Fan Expo!
Posted on: Tues,Aug 30 2016 23:46:00 EST

Still no Q&A this week, but here are afew more sketches I'm doing of some new clothes for Blackbird and Veloce. Not sure if I like them enough as their final form, I'll probably tweak them more before they're used. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to colour my entire comic in the style of the drawing on the right ha ha ha.... too bad that would take me 5x as long to finish :'3

On another note, I will be at Fan Expo this weekend in downtown Toronto! I'll be at the featured booth #404 (map below: it's sandwiched between the artist alley and the exhibitors! If you walk in the entrance of the south building exhibit hall, and walk straight left, you'll end up around the part of artist alley where I am :D) Come visit me if you're going!

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