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Carciphona book 6: pages 25-26
Posted on: Mon,Feb 20 2017 14:42:00 EST

Pages 25-26 are up! Blackbird sleeps in one girl's bed and think about another girl ):

Carciphona book 6: pages 23-24
Posted on: Mon,Feb 13 2016 03:18:00 EST

Pages 23-24 are up! I'm going to miss drawing these pages ;_; but at the same time so glad I'm done drawing the asshats from book 1 lmao. I never thought I'd draw them again within the unfolding plot lmao, I wish I could've designed these characters better LOL

Carciphona book 6: pages 21-22
Posted on: Mon,Feb 06 2016 03:49:00 EST

Pages 21-22 are up! Veloce not having a good dream. Credit to Crys234 for the melting panels idea on page 22 :D

Carciphona book 6: pages 19-20
Posted on: Sun,Jan 29 2016 19:24:00 EST

Pages 19-20 are up! not much to say about these pages :D

Carciphona book 6: pages 17-18
Posted on: Tue,Jan 17 2016 20:18:00 EST

Pages 17-18 are up! Keri and Weirin side quest denied by their guardian ):

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